Vp Shunt Cost

VP shunt or ventriculoperitoneal shunt is a process for taking out excessive cerebrospinal fluid got deposited in the ventricales of the brain and spinal cord. risk factors for such conditions are production of excessive CSF fluid, low absorption of CSF or due to some blockage. this cause abnormally big head size, headache, seizures, irritability, incontinence, loss of memory and poor cordination.
in this procedure a VP shunt, a medical device is placed to release the pressure building upon the brain because of the fluid accumulation. the primary condition is hydrocephalous for which we need VP shunting. it is done under general anesthesia and the device is placed behind the ear. the fluid drips out and is collected, this continues till the condition is normal.
the doctor who can do VP shunting is a neurologist, neurosurgeon, and a spine surgeon.
the success rate of VP shunting largely depends upon the age of the patient and the etiologica factor which has caused the situation to arise. in general the success rate is around 50% as there are chances of shunt tube getting infected or obstructed.

Cost related to Vp Shunt in Turkey

  • VP Shunting Start from USD 3575