Sports Related Injuries

Sports Injuries are the ones that can happen during regular exercise or while playing a sport and the most common are theTennis or Golf Elbow, Hamstring Strain, Sciatica, Groin Pull, Concussion, ACL Tear, etc.
For Sports-related injuries, RICE is followed, which means, Rest the injury, Icing the injury once every hour for 20 minutes, Compressing the injury by wrapping it with an ace bandage, and elevating the injury above the heart to decrease blood flow and reduce swelling.
The right doctor to consult for Sports-Related Injuries is an Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon.
Sports related injuries can be detected by Magnetic resonance imaging, which is used for diagnostic imaging of muscle injuries, joint damage, sprains, fractures, and head injuries sustained during sports and with the help of an Ultrasound, which is useful for assessing tendon damage.

Cost related to Sports Related Injuries in Turkey

  • ACL Reconstruction Start from USD 2405