Parkinson S Cost

Parkinson's disease can be defined as a disease of central nervous system in which patient experience shaking, tremors, rigidity of joints and difficulty in body balancing and walking. these symptoms arise at late age and gradually aggrevates leading to too much difficulty in sustainance. the reason being nerve cell damage in the brain leading to drop in neurotransmitter called dopamine.
the treatment of parkinson's disorder comprises of many aspects depending upon the stage of disease. first of all self exercising is initiated in early diagnosed cases in order to maintain the control over body movements. medications like dopamine promoter, antidepresants,anti-tremor and conginition enhancing medicatiosn will help in easing out the symptoms to a very extend. however in advanced cases we need to go for deep brain stimulation procedure along with medications.
the correct medical specialist for the treatment of parkinson's is a neurologist and a neurosurgeon. A palliative care support team is required when patient has reached to advanced stage and is no longer to perform vital functions on his own.
no set test is there for exact diagnosis of parkinson's disease, however physical examination and neurlogical analysis will help in provisional diagnosis.
the survival rate post deep brain stimulation in parkinson's helps alot the patient in recovering his loss of control, the success rate of treatment totally depends upon the stage od ailment and the overall health of the patient.

Cost related to Parkinson S in Turkey

  • Deep Brain Stimulation Start from USD 18200