Liver Transplant

Liver transplantation or hepatic transplantation is the process of replacing complete or a part of a diseased liver with the healthy liver from a donor. conditions like end-stage liver disease and acute liver failure, has Liver transplantation as a only treatment option sometimes. although availability of a healthy donor organs is a major limitation. liver is the largest internal organ and performs several critical functions, like processing nutrients, medications and hormones, produce bile, which helps the body absorb fats, cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins ,makes proteins that help the blood clot, Remove bacteria and toxins from the blood thus preventing infection and regulating immune response of the body.
liver transplant procedure can be of two types based on donor, either living donor or deceased donor. in deceased liver transplantation the complete liver is taken out from the cadaver and is placed into recipient's body. whereas in case of living donor, only a part of liver can be transplanted which will later regrow and become fully functional in few weeks. After placing the donor liver the bile duct and vessels are attached to it and patient is put under observation for further healing and regeneration.
the right doctor for liver transplantation surgery is a gastroenterologist, hepatologist and liver transplantation surgery.
In general, around 75% of people who have undergone liver transplant surgery, live for at least next five years. That can be concluded as for every 100 people who undergoes a liver transplant for any reason, about 75 of them will live for five years and 30 will die within five years.

Cost related to Liver Transplant in Turkey

  • Liver Transplant Start from USD 39000