Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is a procedure of taking out a healthy kidney from a donor and placing it in the body of the patient whose kidneys are failed. It is a more suitable option than dialysis as it has better outcomes.
In kidney transplant surgery donor's kidney is placed in the lower part of the abdomen and then its blood vessels and urine tube is attached to the bladder. Usually, the procedure takes 2-3 hours to finish and is done under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes a diagonal incision on either side of the body depending on the case. In general, the recipient's own kidney is left untouched in the body unless it is infected. a
For the complete surgery, we need a team of experienced Nephrologists, Urologist, and general anesthesiologists.
Tests required before performing a kidney transplant are blood typing, tissue typing, and cross-matching other than regular physical examination and medical history check.
there are many factors who plays important role in the success of a kidney transplant such as age, co-existence of another disease like diabetes, hypertension, etc.
Robotic kidney transplant or RAKT (robot-assisted kidney transplant ) is a minimally invasive and the most advance form of surgery.

Cost related to Kidney Transplant in Turkey

  • Radical Nephrectomy Start from USD 4550
  • Kidney Transplant Start from USD 11050