A condition of brain where the cerebrospinal fluid is being accumulated abnormally in the brain and ventricles is called a shydrocephalous. this extra fluid tends to put pressure on the brain and nervous system, causing lot of trouble and symptoms like headache, large head size, seizures, loss of speech and control. large head size is seen in infants as their skull bone is not fused.
for the treatment of hydrocephalous, immediate drainage of CSF fluid is arranged by surgically inserting a tube or shunt for draining out the excessive fluid. this tube is monitored till the symptoms deminise and the patient is kept on regular follow up. Medicines are given which are diuretic in nature and helps in flushing out the excessive fluid.
the doctor for treating such conditions are neurosurgeon, head and neck surgeon and pediatric surgeons.
in cases of abnormally big head size, it is quite clear and no diagnostic test is required, however in adult cases we might have to do a CT scan and MRI to understand the condition.
the success rate is highly variable and it depends upon lot of factors, like age of the patient, reason of the condition and how long the condition has sustained. In general the survival percentage is 24-75%.

Cost related to Hydrocephalus in Turkey

  • Ventriculostomy Start from USD 16481
  • VP Shunting Start from USD 3575
  • Hydrocephalus Treatment Start from USD 3900