Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Deep brain stimulation or DBS is a surgical method of treating certain type of parkinson's disease. If a patient is having parkinson's disease he migh have aggrevated symptoms like shaking, tremors, rigidity and loss of movement control. these symptoms make person dependent for simple day routine things. That's why it needs interventional treatment.
in Deep brain stimulation technique a small pacemaker kind device is being installed in the chest area which triggers the area of brain which has the control over body. these signals block some of the nerve conduction which are unknowlingly being passed to the organs. this way symptoms are subsided largerly. it is done in two steps, in first step thin wires or electrodes are placed and in second step the pacemaker is installed.
the medical specialist who deal which such cases and treatment are neurologist and a neurosurgeon.
the five-year survival rate for DBS treated patient is around 50%, the quality of life is being improved to a very great extend. patient can manage his symptoms, can do day to day activity on his own and a sense of independance is backed up.

Cost related to Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in Turkey

  • Deep Brain Stimulation (non-rechargeable) Start from USD 18850
    Deep Brain Stimulation Start from USD 18200