The process of removing a bony flap from the skull area in order to operate the brain area is known as craniotomy. it is the surgery for making a brain accessible for operation. it is commonly used for treatment of brain cancer, brain tumour, brain aneurysm and in cases of accidental brain injury. it has minimum invasion and hence is widely used.
in this process of craniotomy, a bony flap from the skull is temporarily removed for clear access of the brain part which is to be operated, post-surgery the flap is put back on its position. this helps in minimal skull opening and has good healing afterwards.
the process of craniotomy is done by neurosurgeon.
in terms of mortality rate, there is zero death reported in craniotomy procedure, however it reduces the surgery time and postoperative hospital stay. it has better outcomes and less side effects.

Treatments related to Craniotomy in Turkey

  • Craniotomy Surgery Start from USD 10936
  • Microvascular Decompression MVD Start from USD 11801