Cranioplasty is a medical procedure for fixing and repairing the cranial defects caused by any injury or previosu surgery. it is done for cosmetic and functional purpose. in cases of skull defects, accident cases or post-operative reconstruction.
In this process a material is filled up in the gap to compensate the loss and restore the fucntion like a piece of a bone or any synthetic material. it can restore the normal shape of the skull by inducing fat grafting or any method. it is often used to fill up the gap after craniotomy.
the doctor who can perform cranioplasty are neurosurgeon and cosmetic surgeon.
the success and survival rate post cranioplasty depend upon the patinet's condition and overall health, in cases of bone grafting the survival rate is much higher than using other materials.

Treatments related to Cranioplasty in Turkey

  • Craniotomy Surgery Start from USD 10936
  • Cranioplasty Start from USD 4934