Cleft Palate Surgery

A Cleft Palate requires a surgical repair to close the opening between the nose and the mouth. It is usually performed when a baby is 10-12 months old.
During Cleft Palate Surgery, the opening in the roof of the mouth is closed along with the re-arrangement of the muscles and lining of the palate.
A maxillofacial surgeon is a right physician to consult for Cleft Palate Surgical repair.
The success rate following Cleft Palate Surgery is exceptionally good with minor chances of revised palatal surgery.
It takes around three to four weeks to heal after Cleft Palate Surgery. The physician recommends the baby to wear padded arm restraints for one to two weeks to prevent rubbing the treated area.

Cost related to Cleft Palate Surgery in Turkey

  • Cleft Palate Surgery Start from USD 1537