The process of using powerful chemicals and anti-cancer drugs for killing the cancer cells is known as chemotherapy. it may be given for curative purpose or for reducing symptoms and prolonging life. a lot of chemotherapy drugs are available which are either used alone or in combination. though an effective way of treating cancer but it has many side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, hair loss, appetite loss, bleeding, itching, and mouth ulcers.
the chemotherapy process is a little complex, first of all, a device is surgically inserted in the body before any intravenous chemotherapy. these devices can be a catheter, port, or pump. then there are pre investigative tests to ensure if your body is ready for chemotherapy. every aspect and side effect planning and management is done. for the chemotherapy drug to be given in the body there are many routes like infusion, pills, shots, creams, or maybe direct application.
the right doctor for chemotherapy is a medical oncologist and organ specialist depending on the case.
if we talk about specifically about the five-year survival rate of chemotherapy it is around 40-50% depending on the case. However, chemotherapy is given in combination with other therapy.