Breast Cancer

The type of cancer that develops from the breast tissue and involves the mammary glands and other nearby muscles is known as breast cancer. Early symptoms of breast cancer are lump formation, thickening of the skin around nipples, pain, irritation of the skin, dimpling of the breast, in some cases blood or pus discharge.
treatment of breast cancer generally involves surgery along with radiation, chemotherapy, and in some cases hormone therapy as well. The choice of treatment regime depends upon the type and stage of cancer.
for treatment of breast cancer one should consult a gynecologist, medical oncologist first. later if surgery is required then, surgical oncologist and radiation oncologist. after treatment reconstruction and care, a breast surgeon can be consulted.
the common tests for diagnosis of breast cancer are mammography and biopsy. for preventive measure, one should always do self-examination to check for any lump or hardness in the breast area or armpit area.
Breast cancer survival rate is 90% if diagnosed in an early stage. which means 90% of the people after treatment can live up to 5 years.
this type of cancer is more common in females than males and is more commonly malignant cancer.