Pediatric Brain Tumor Surgery

Pediatric brain tumour surgery is done in cases of abnormal growth of cells is found in brain and spine area of a child. these growth either causes severe headaches, seizures, vision changes or hampering the growth of the child. the decision of whether to operate or to wait for the tumour to grow is completely dependent on case.
there are various factors considered before treating a brain tumour in pediatric patient like on the type, size and location of the tumor, as well as the child's age and overall health. In case brain tumor is located in a place that is accessible for an operation, pediatric neurosurgeon will work to remove as much of the tumor as safely as possible. In cases where tumors are small and easy to separate from surrounding brain tissue, which makes complete surgical removal possible. In other cases, tumors can't be separated from surrounding tissue or they're located near sensitive areas in the brain, making surgery risky. In these situations the pediatric neurosurgeon removes as much of the tumor as possible. Even removing a portion of the brain tumor may help reduce signs and symptoms.
for pediatric cases we have pediatric neurosurgeons, medical and surgical oncologist who can treat pediatric brain tumours. .
Surgery to remove a pediatric brain tumor carries risks, such as infection and bleeding. Other risks may depend on the part of your child's brain where the tumor is located. so the overall survival rate is 90% in terms of five-year survival rate.

Cost related to Pediatric Brain Tumor Surgery in Turkey

  • Tumors Start from USD 9796
  • Radiotherapy Start from USD 4134
  • Brain Tumor Surgery Start from USD 7475
  • Gamma Knife for AVM or Brain Tumor Start from USD 3793
  • Stereotactic Radio Surgery Start from USD 10693
  • Craniotomy Surgery Start from USD 10936