Anal Cancer

The cancer arising in the lining of anal canal is known as anal cancer. it is quite uncommon in occurrence. The anal canal is the end part of the rectum and is a small tube through which stool is passed out of the body. the cancer of anus area shows symptoms like rectal bleeding and anal pain.
the treatment of anal cancer is generally a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. surgery is done in early stages to remove cancerous lesion, or in case the cancer is not responding to any of the treatments. Immunotherapy and palliative care is required as basic function of defecation is affected.
the right doctor for treatment of anal cancer is a gastroenterologist, general surgeon, medical and surgical oncologist.
tests for the diagnosis of anal cancer are physical examination, ultrasound and biopsy. imagining test such as CT scan, MRI, and PET scan are required.
the five-year survival rate for early diagnosed and localised anal cancer is around 82%, whereas in case of spread to surrounding tissue and lymph node involvement the survival rate dips to 45%.

Cost related to Anal Cancer in Turkey