Adenoidectomy is the surgical removal of enlarged adenoids that may have happened due to allergies or infection.
For Adenoidectomy, the surgeon makes a small incision into the mouth to insert a small instrument for removing the adenoids. This surgical procedure may also be performed by cauterizing which involves burning a wound using a heated device to prevent the infection from spreading further. It is an outpatient procedure.
An ENT surgeon is the right doctor to consult for Adenoidectomy.
The overall survival rate of Adenoidectomy lies above 80% depending on the degree of severity.
There are higher chances of swelling and pain post Adenoidectomy. It takes around two weeks for complete recovery after adenoidectomy.

Treatments related to Adenoidectomy in Turkey

  • Adenoidectomy Start from USD 715
  • Adenoid and tonsil hypertrophy or infections Start from USD 1931