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We are successfully finished 13 years

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Medixcope International Health Services was established in Turkey by innovative, entrepreneur physicians and sector executives of the country in April 2020 to provide a wide range of health opportunities to its clients. Medixcope helps its clients to find the most suitable health service for them.

As Medixcope family, we respect our clients’ beliefs, traditional values and their privacy rights. We bring together with Turkey's leading physicians and healthcare workers. We aim to provide services with quality, economical, international standards and in accordance ethical values.

Our institution, which is based on client pleasure and trust with the prioritization of respecting client rights, pays attention to the requests and expectations of its clients, and makes great efforts to instantly evaluate and meet their requests and maximize client pleasure.

During the consultation provided by our health professionals through telemedicine methods before any departure to Turkey, avoid time and financial losses and patients are directed to the correct medical center with the specialists, immediately following their arrivals. In addition to clients’ travel and accommodation needs, Medixcope also provides touristic activities which are best suitable to Turkish hospitality within the most economic ranges.

It is our priority to provide our clients with the best healthcare services for all budgets and meet them with the most comfortable opportunities to make them feel special. Medixcope offers the up to date health services for all clients with its working style shaped by 4 main principles: Expertise, Comprehension, Capability of producing flexible solutions, Preparation for all clients with their several needs. We invite you to meet with Turkey's hospitality!

Medixcope: Social Responsibility and Human-Centric Healthcare Services

As Medixcope International Health Services, we are conscious of our social responsibility. Therefore, we allocate 5% of our company budget to be there for orphaned children and financially disadvantaged patients in their challenging times. We strive not only to excel in healthcare services but also to make a meaningful impact in the broader community. Because, for us, it's not just about people's health; it's about their happiness and well-being too.

Leave a Green Legacy for the Future with Digital Transformation. 

As Medixcope International Health Services, we embrace digital transformation to reduce paper usage and contribute to the conservation of trees, protecting our planet. We respect our environment and invite everyone to be sensitive to this cause. Join us in raising environmental awareness and making a better future for our world.




100% Happy

Our vision

We aim to be your life partner in your health and brand as your health assistant, who integrates the most advanced technologies with expert staff, provides most qualified health services of Turkey and delivers the services of leading health groups that adopt human-oriented approaches.

Our misson

To be the leading brand in healthcare services that increase the quality of life with a service approach that is respectful to all values, without compromising our ethical principles in the healthcare sector.

Our values

Human is at the center of the healthcare sector. The goal and measure of the services we provide is human. Based on scientific thinking, combining all the developments in the world with our experience, using it in the field of health, respecting patient rights, privacy, values and ethical rules, being hardworking and pioneering in a way to raise the services we offer above the world standards by giving importance to Turkish hospitality and business ethics are among the values that make us distinct .