Medixcope International Health Services was established in Turkey by innovative, entrepreneur physicians and sector executives of the country in April 2020 to provide a wide range of health opportunities to its clients. Medixcope helps its clients to find the most suitable health service for them. Our primary objective has always been to offer a comprehensive array of healthcare opportunities to our esteemed clients.

At Medixcope, we deeply respect the beliefs, traditional values, and privacy rights of our clients. We have united with Turkey’s foremost physicians and healthcare professionals to ensure that our services meet international standards of quality and ethics, all while remaining cost-effective.

Our institution is built upon the bedrock of client satisfaction and trust, with a strong commitment to upholding client rights. We prioritize addressing our clients’ requests and expectations and go to great lengths to promptly assess and fulfill their needs, all in an effort to maximize client satisfaction.

Prior to any travel to Turkey, our healthcare professionals provide consultations through telemedicine methods. This not only helps our clients avoid unnecessary time and financial expenses but also ensures that they are directed to the most suitable medical facility with specialized expertise upon arrival.

In addition to addressing clients’ travel and accommodation requirements, Medixcope also offers a range of touristic activities that showcase Turkish hospitality, all within the most budget-friendly options.

Our foremost goal is to provide the best healthcare services to our clients, regardless of their budget, and to offer them the most comfortable opportunities, making each one feel truly special. Medixcope prides itself on its commitment to four core principles: Expertise, Understanding, the Ability to Generate Flexible Solutions, and Preparation for clients with diverse needs.